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This is a fast-paced third-person tank action shooter against AI tanks. The goal is to survive, equipped with 4 gadgets and a main battle weapon,  as long as possible against endless enemy waves.


  • v 1.0 - Release Version
  • v 1.1 - Wave Mode Update
  • v 1.2 - Pooling System Update


The player can choose between 4 different tanks. Their stats vary in 3 different categories: Driving, Shooting, and Health. The first is average in all 3 categories, the 3 others are bad, good and average in one category.


Each tank can be equipped with different gadgets, which can make the fights easier. There are many different gadgets and each is unique in their behavior.  The gadget slot can also be equipped with stat boosts for armor, damage, gadget cooldown, and score increase.


The 8 different weapons in the game are changeable by driving over a barrel changing station.


Currently, there are 4 different enemies. Two of them are weak but fast and are equipped with close-range weapons. One is a standard battle tank, slower than the first two but tougher and the last one is an artillery tank, shooting at the player from afar.


It is a wave-based system, where every 5 waves the enemies are getting stronger.


Currently there are 4 different maps + 1 tutorial map.


Endless survival against enemies who grow in strength and number over time. (Every 5 waves)


By killing enemy tanks and building up a multiplier the player can increase its score. 


  • Partial Controller Support (No menus)
  • Widescreen Support
  • Graphical settings (Aspect Ratio, Windowed Mode, Overall look)


The game may receive future updates regarding balancing, fixing bugs and overall polishing, maybe even some content updates too. But I don´t know how much time I have for that.



This devlog contains all previous updates.


If you experience problems, have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me either on itch or via solobyte.games@gmail.com. I will try to reply a soon as possible.


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Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-08-02 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Thank you for playing and the feedback! 

I forgot about the invert options. I could have done them easily when I made the sensitivity stuff but I didn´t... 

Anyways, I put all the stuff on my todo list for the next update ;) 

Hey, no problem! Glad the feedback was helpful. :D

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Why the game suddenly became a paid game, is the new update coming? Then I'd buy it.

(1 edit)

I decided to make it a paid game ;) The update is still planned, but I don't know when it will be ready.

Do you want to download the game again? I can send you a download key :)

No, I already stored it in my USB as it's rrally fun.

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Wow, this is the best game i have played in itch.io !

The control of the tank is perfect and shooting is very satisfying. The graphics are also simple and smooth.

Various weapons and items are fun to use and well-balanced, and most importantly I like that it's an endless arcade shooter.

This is the most fun tank battle game I have played, thank you so much for making it !

I wonder if you can still work on it, but I suggest to add Hull-turret rotation HUD in first person view so I can know where my wheels are facing at in first person view.

Thank you very much :D I really appreciate it. 

Right now I am working on something else but in the future, I definitely want to update the game (for example a boss-like enemy at the end of every 10th wave or so). The hull-turret rotation HUD element is a nice idea and I am going to add along with the other stuff I have planned ;)

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I found 2 faral issues. Sometimes my tank gets upsided down or fall under the ground, making the game impossible to play anymore. Fixing these issue would not be easy as it's heavily physics-based but there should be some basic measures. If the tank is upsided down or falling, make the player to be automically teleported to the spawn point or reform in the current position.

Thx for the info. I´ll look into it ;) 

I implemented systems to prevent rollovers and some other small physics related problems but nothing for falling through the map xD How does your tank end up upside down?

it happened all of sudden during the intense battle. I bumped with an enemy tank and i got upsided down almost instantly.

Okay, thanks ;)