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Color Break is a simple brick breaker clone, with powerups and a lot of different cells. The color of the ball has to match the color of the cell to be destroyed and getting points for it. After all color cells are destroyed the next level is unlocked. The highscore for each level is saved. 

LEVEL EDITOR (Update #4)

The player can make custom levels with the level editor using all the cells from the game.


  • Mouse to control the paddle
  • LMB / Space to shoot the ball
  • MMB / 1 - 4 change color of the ball
  • RMB to activate random velocity (can be used in various situations)
  • ESC / P to pause the game
  •  ALT to change mouse confinement
  • U unlock all levels (if you want to try all levels from the start)


  • Sound
  • Music
  • Fullscreen


  • Red (only red ball can destroy, changes the ball to red color)
  • Blue (only blue ball can destroy, changes the ball to blue color)
  • Green (only green ball can destroy, changes the ball to green color)
  • White (is colored in the ball color on collision)
  • Armored Heavy (becomes armored medium cell on collision)
  •  Armored Medium (becomes armored light cell on collision)
  •  Armored Light (destroyed on collision)
  • Virus (not destructible, infects the ball and ball infects the next cell)
  • Spikes (destroys ball)
  • One Way 
  • Random Bounce
  • Red Explosion (colors most of the surrounding cells in red)
  • Green Explosion (colors most of the surrounding cells in green)
  • Blue Explosion (colors most of the surrounding cells in blue)
  • Powerup (activates random powerup)


  • Slow Ball
  • Piercing Ball
  • Invincible Ball


  1. I modulated the overall color of the game to be a little bit darker and dialed down the glow effects.
  2. Further color changes and improved visibility of the ball.
  3. 10 additional levels and improvements to the random velocity ability.
  4. Level Editor added to the game, 7 additional levels, bug fixes, improvements


If you experience problems, have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me either on itch or via solobyte.games@gmail.com. I will try to reply a soon as possible.


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COLOR BREAK (v1.0.3) 58 MB
COLOR BREAK (v1.0.2) 58 MB
COLOR BREAK (v1.0.1) 58 MB
COLOR BREAK (v1.0.0) 58 MB

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I think this could help you.

I don't want to sound rude but your game hurts my eyes a bit.

Some of the fonts don't read all that well either.

The game is really fun though.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I made the font myself (the first one I ever made), so I know there is room for improvement xD 

For the colors, do you have more of a problem with ball, paddle and particle systems (all the flashy things) or with the general composition? ;)

Just the general composition.

It is hard to see the ball sometimes too when the paint trail is a similar color as the ball.

Okay, thx again :)


I made some small adjustments if you are interested :)