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RELEASE UPDATE   ------------------------------------------------------------------

I released the single player version of Tank Arena Shooter, called Blazing Steel. It is fast paced tank action against enemy ai.

Link to the devlog for the single player version.


Tank Arena Shooter (The prototype for Blazing Steel)


Tank Arena Shooter was meant to be a test/prototype version of Blazing Steel and no longer reflects the final version of Blazing Steel. Therefore it is no longer possible to download Tank Arena Shooter. Thank you for the support, and if you are still interested please consider downloading Blazing Steel. It would help a lot ;)


This is a 2 player split-screen arena shooter. Each player has a tank equipped with the main cannon and one defensive weapon (mines in this version). There is one central ammo station to refill ammo over time and there are 2 - 3 barrel changing stations where the player tank gets a new barrel aka a new weapon. 

This is just a test version or prototype to test the basic gameplay. 

In this version, two players can fight each other on split-screen and test things out but that's it. There are no Gamemodes, stats or win/ lose conditions. Currently the game has no sound. It is just a sandbox.

First player can play with Keyboard/ Mouse or Controller and second player has to use a controller. 

If you experience performance issues, disable Tank Trail System in the options menu. Currently, that system is very expensive.

Complete Gameplay Video -> 

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